Patient Testimonials 

Chris Bingley has helped me recover from my injuries while still practicing rugby. His gentle and effective techniques applied from his vast knowledge of kinesiology are impressive.
— Caroline Aksich
He’s a great therapist!
— Natalie Sofia
He helped me fully recover from my 3rd degree sprain.
— Jane
I had never heard of osteopathy before I came to Chris Bingley but he helped me discover that many of the problems I was suffering from were related. We treated them holistically and I believe that I was I am finally back to 100%. Before seeing Chris I kept getting piecemeal treatment and so I was never dealing with the whole problem. He’s very professional and knowledgable, would recommend!
— Dave Opine
I had an injury from three years ago that never healed properly. As a result of not getting proper treatment at the time of injury I had issues with other muscles that were over compensating for that injury. Chris helped me with the compensation issues as well as with the original injury. I can’t believe I feel like normal again! I thought it would never happen.
— John Smith
Knowledgable and professional. I have only gone to him to help treat sports injuries, but would see him for any other therapy needs as well!
— Pierre LaCroix